Varus Heel Wedges


Varus Heel Wedges

  • Takes pressure off the inside of your foot, bunions, ankle bones, navicular and/or the pinch from the inside of the calf of the boot.
  • Realigns and better balances foot positioning oftentimes making the boots more comfortable.
  • Great for people who pronate and/or are knock kneed
  • Perfectly feathered edges.
  • Material is firm but very pliable.
  • Easily attaches with contact cement or double back/carpet tape. 
  • Available in :
    • Small : Up to US size 6.0M/7.0W
    • Medium : 7.5M/8.5W to 10.5M/11.5W
    • Large : 11.0M+/12.0W+



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