November 27, 2014

Jeremy Jones’ Higher Unplugged Episode 2: Grand Teton

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Jeremy Jones’ Higher Unplugged Episode 2: Grand Teton

For years, Jeremy Jones dreamed of filming a climb and descent of the Grand Teton near Jackson, Wyoming.  Challenges with weather and logistics, however, continually compromised his plans.  Yet filming for Higher—the final installment of a trilogy of snowboard films Jones is creating with Teton Gravity Research—served as a catalyst for attempting a descent of the peak.

For the mission, Jones partnered with snowboard legend and Jackson local Bryan Iguchi. The duo aimed to ride the peak’s Otter Body, a line Iguchi had studied from his window ever since moving to Jackson eighteen years ago.

As the team prepared for the Grand Teton, it closely watched a spring storm that hovered over Wyoming. While waiting for the storm to clear, Jones and Iguchi embraced its snow—and hoped their objective would still be attainable, as the new snow also brought new dangers.

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