December 10, 2013

Nation: Stale Sandbech’s Full Part

Mon, Dec 9 2013 8:00 pm | Comments

Nation: Stale Sandbech’s Full Part

You don’t see too many contest guys who are able to film video parts, but then again you don’t see too many guys who can maneuver their snowboard like Stale Sandbech. He makes it look so easy. From triple corks in the X Games, to sliding rails with his friends in Norway, Stale Sandbech is a modern day snowboard renaissance man. Watch his part from our latest movie, Nation, right here.

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TransWorld SNOWboarding’s fourth feature film Nation brings together a crew of mountain men, legends, rookies, contest kids, and street shredders from around the world. The goal: to showcase all aspects of snowboarding and put a time stamp on the current state of the nation. Find it on iTunes now here or head to your local shop and pick up the limited edition 100 page photo book. Find a local shop near you here. Check out #nationmovie for some behind the scenes action.

Riders: Austen Sweetin / Austin Hironaka / Forest Bailey / Chris Brewster / Dylan Thompson / Jonah Owen / Eiki Helgason / Gulli Gudmundsson / DCP / Xavier De Le Rue / Dan Brisse / Stale Sandbech



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