November 30, 2013

Snow Craft Pioneers: The Legacy Of Tom Sims

Sat, Nov 30 2013 6:00 am | Comments

Snow Craft Pioneers: The Legacy Of Tom Sims

“I think he always had visions and thoughts of making things better, so his mind was always at work. And that’s a great thing, just tough to sleep sometimes.”Chris Roach

Snow Craft Pioneers episode 3 looks back at how Tom Sims helped shape snowboarding today from style to the events like the Baker Banked Slalom.

See the last prototype board Tom was working on before he passed away here. Brought to you by Owner Operator.

Archival footage: Mike Chantry

Check out the Snow Craft Pioneers print feature in our December issue out now to get a deeper look into what it takes to shape boards that defy convention.




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