November 29, 2013

The Powsurf Chronicles Ep 6 Canada!

Grassroots riders Jeremy Jensen and Scotty Arnold take a trip up north to powsurf with a handful of Canadian rippers. 4 days of sunshine and dry powder conditions in the Coastal mountains of British Columbia had stoke levels high as ever. Many in our crew were riding Grassroots Powsurfers for the first time and seeing the smiles on their faces at the bottom of every run made the trip that much better. Riders: DCP, Kevin Sansalone, Alex Warburton, Justin Lamoureux, Rob Stevens, Scott Gaffney, Scotty Arnold, and Jeremy Jensen. SUPPORTED BY: Celtek Yea. Nice Sandbox Mtn Approach Bluebird Wax Smith Optics Cheetah Factory Racing Verts

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