November 26, 2013

How To Snowboard: Switch Backside 540s with Scotty Lago

Tue, Nov 26 2013 7:28 am | Comments
If you’ve figured out switch back threes, turning it into a five should be mellow. Both Scotty and Danny agree that switch back fives are actually a little easier than switch back threes. Go figure. Now go learn. 

From the February 2010 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding

20 Tricks: Volume 3

20 tricks


1. First off, spend part of the day practicing switch backside 180s and 360s. Lap that park until you’re confident that you can stomp both every time. Figure out which jump you’re really hyped on and get the speed dialed.

2. Your approach will be just like it was for the switch back threes. Ride in switch, make a smooth setup turn and transfer your weight onto your toe edge.

3. Switch back fives require a little more torque than the threes, so you’ll want to wind up a little as you’re riding up the lip. Counter-rotate your upper body a bit, and then as you’re leaving the lip, initiate the spin with your shoulders. Look back uphill and bring your knees up.

4. Grab as early as possible—mute or Indy should feel most natural. Hold on and keep looking over your trailing shoulder. Resist the urge to open up when you’ve rotated that three. The last 180 will be blind, but trust that you’ll come around. You will.

5. Look down between your feet for the landing. It’ll come up quick, so be ready to absorb it with your legs. Stomp flat-based, ride away without reverting, and point it at the next jump in the line.


“For the seven, I just kinda come in a little bit more on my toes and drop my shoulder a little bit and maybe throw it a little corked.” —Scotty Lago





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