November 26, 2013

TransWorld SNOWboarding’s Holiday Gift Guide

Is it better to give or get? The answer is, well, both. Amongst the edit crew we rounded up a handful of shred gear we’d be stoked to give and receive this season.

TransWorld Snowboarding Holiday Gift Guide

Have you ever seen the show The Wire? Well if you haven’t you should give it a shot, it’s awesome. They wear amazing clothes on that show. This McMurdo Parka from The North Face would definitely be Avon Barksdale approved.—Hondo

I’ve seen a lot of collabs on the Internet, two girls one cup kind of stuff, but a trillabo, now that’s some heavy shit. Wait, I haven’t snowboarded since ’96, but these goggles are tight!—Koop

I put a wanted ad up on the ol’ www that went something like this: ‘SNOWBOARD NEEDED’ regular camber or thereabouts, not too soft, wider waist widths available, unique twin tip shape, solid company. This one came back.—J.P. 



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