November 21, 2013

Surplus: Boots

Thu, Nov 21 2013 8:00 am | Comments
The Best Boots You Can Buy

You always hear “boots are the most important.” And it’s true. When it comes to gear, they’re the key piece that can make or break the day. When it comes to your body, feet are the most complex structure of bone, ligament and muscle. Those hooves also have more sweat glands than anywhere else in your body. So, happy shredding from the ground up means your feet need to move comfortably and they need to breath. Staying warm is a plus, too. These boots cover all those bases and offer the best fit and feel money can buy.

SNB131100_SUR01_Birk copy.jpg
SNB131100_SUR01_Birk copy.jpg
SNB131100_SUR12_Birk copy.jpg
SNB131100_SUR12_Birk copy.jpg
SNB131100_SUR03_Birk copy
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