November 20, 2013

Bode Merrill’s Backcountry Part from Absinthe’s Twe12ve

Wed, Nov 20 2013 6:00 am | Comments

Bode Merrill’s Backcountry Part from Absinthe’s Twe12ve

Bode Merrill‘s part from Absinthe‘s video Twe12ve was so unreal when it came out. Most people knew that Bode ripped, but this part shut up everyone who wasn’t a believer. After this part came out, no one could deny the skills of the Bode man. The best part about this part though is that he hasn’t slowed down. His parts keep getting better and better.

“Two years after Bode’s first ever film segment (the Neverland ender) he had an unprecedented full-song urban part and full-song backcountry part ender in Twel2ve. It was Bode’s idea to separate the songs into all urban and all backcountry and it says a lot about how hard he gets after it in both worlds. We filmed the lip-sync moments for the Gucci-Mane song on top of Forbidden Fruit, while we waited for the harsh mid-day Alaskan sun to pass and reveal some more late afternoon gems that hide in those mid-day shadows. Here is his backcountry part which also ends the film.”= Justin Hostynek
Check out the Twe12ve Trailer HERE, and Stay tuned for Bode’s new ‘Merrill Time‘ dropping this Saturday
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