November 18, 2013

Halldor Helgason’s Interview from our December 2013 Issue

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Have you seen our new December Issue? Well if you have you would know that there’s an insane interview with the man himself, Halldor Helgason. Check out a little snippet of his interview, and get stoked, because his full part fro Nike’s Never Not Part One is dropping here, on TWSNOW.COM, on Sunday!

Zero F—ks Given*

The Halldór Helgason Interview

By Joel Muzzey

There was a time in the not too distant past when a pro rider’s off-hill reputation was just as important as the on-hill skill set. Back then going big had a double meaning. The best guys could rage all night then wake up the next morning and win the contest or charge the heaviest line. To name a few: Farmer, Ranquet, Rocket, and Palmer, the king.

But somewhere along the line this tradition died. Style, attitude, and antics took a back seat to the next big trick. Through a process usually labeled “progression,” the riding and the riders got serious. The focus shifted from cracking beers to stacking hammers. And there’s no doubt that snowboarding has reached the level it’s at today because of this shift. Technically speaking, the abilities of today’s top pros seem almost super-human and yet somehow it’s all gotten pretty predictable.

And then there’s Halldór. The little bastard is wild. He’s also one of the best in the game. He’s got the chops to win a contest against all the trainers but he’s just as likely to land on his face in the finals. He just filmed two parts in one season: his part in Never Not is nuts, and the other part, in DTF actually shows his nuts. While most of his pro peers are shredding year-round, Halldór spends summers chilling at his place in Monaco.

Maybe you don’t back Halldór’s shit-show approach but there’s no denying he’s earned his place in snowboarding’s upper echelon with bulletproof ability. Before long, you and all your friends will be boring old farts reminiscing about how hard you sent it back in the day. This day will inevitably come for Halldór, too but when he starts telling his tales, he won’t be bullshitting.

 What is RV juice?

It’s a Long Island Iced Tea with a whiskey shot added in there and more lime juice than a normal Long Island Iced Tea has. It’s the best drink to drink, because you get drunk so fast. And with a hangover you only need like one of those things and then you’re back in business again. It’s a really smart drink. It’s like, the Icelandic National Team drink.

 But aren’t you the only guy on the Icelandic National team?

Actually, yeah. Me and Thunder. We control the whole National Team. Thunder is my coach, his real name is Johannes Brenning. He’s the guy we do with and he’s guy that makes the Sexual Snowboarding movies. You’ve probably seen him on X Games with me; he wears the leather jacket and fast shades. That whole look was his idea—Coach Thunder! I thought it was such a bang idea, because I’ve never been a fan of coaches. I really don’t understand why you should listen to a coach that’s telling you how to do a double cork or whatever and he’s never tried it before himself. It doesn’t make sense to take advice from somebody that hasn’t done the trick himself! It’s funny when we’re with all the serious coaches and they’re actually telling the riders, like, “OK, just spin a little faster. Bend in a little bit more on the double cork, and then you get on your feet better.” We’re just listening to that and it’s so stupid. We’re just laughing at that.

What kind of advice does Thunder give you?

He’s just says, whatever, send it!

But you’re trying to get to the Olympics like everyone else.

Well, I think this is probably going to be my only chance, so I kind of want to try. I feel like it would be stupid if I didn’t try or I might regret it later. It has never been a goal of mine to make it to the Olympics. It’s just a thing I’m doing on the side. I think it could be fun. If I make it in, sure, I’ll try it. If I don’t make it in, it’s all good either way. We’ll just see what happens. They tried to ban me from even trying to go to the Olympics.

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