November 13, 2013

DCP and Nicolas Müller Full Part from Neverland

Wed, Nov 13 2013 10:47 am | Comments

One of the most iconic Absinthe segments of all time, Japan deep powder fest with Nicolas Müller, DCP and Megan Pischke.

This trip to Japan goes down in the history books as one of my favorite gigs of all time. The Band: Nicolas Müller on Board, Scott Sullivan, and Blotto, on Still Camera, Christian Schneider and myself on 16mm, and Elmo as Hype-Man. We ran into DCP at the ‘Yoga’ Big Air Contest and invited him to play. He said ‘Cool, but I come as a package deal with my lady Megan’. From there it was ON. Gigging around Hokkaido in two vans shooting off the side of the road with inspiration sticks and Elmo leading the charge, until Nicolas’ ring-piece met with some harsh Japanese wood and he was hospitalized for a week with a severe hematoma that sidelined him for more than a month. Filmed a bunch of ‘suits’ running the rat-race in Tokyo while Nicolas and Scott made dick-nose portraits with Geishas as his ring-piece recovered enough for him to fly home. Blended it all with rat-race footage that I had randomly gotten around NYC a month earlier. Found the only too fitting Class System by Handsome Boy Modeling School to make for one of my favorite edits ever. Sometimes even when things look bleak, all of the stars align. Just ask Francis Ford Coppola*, or see for yourself.

-Justin Hostynek

*Hearts of Darkness/ Apocalypse Now



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