November 11, 2013

Spacecraft Debuts Travel Collection

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SEATTLE, WA - (November 6, 2013) Spacecraft launches “Artifacts”, a travel inspired addition of webisodes and product collections that extend its artistic roots.

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

Rooted in art, Spacecraft is cultivating exploration, intelligence, and creativity, and ultimately insight change through this conscious communication.  In its 10th year of producing unique products and concocting unique art projects, Spacecraft invites others to participate in an its new webisode series that will feature friends and ambassador’s known as Astronauts.  Each Artifact project will provide a release of a series of webisodes and a product launch event that will culminate in an art exhibition and opportunity to meet the people behind Spacecraft and the artifact collection.

These special limited edition collections are known as “Artifacts”, and defined as “anything created by humans, which gives information about the culture of its creator and users” what Spacecraft hopes to achieve from sharing these experiences with consumers.  The icing on the cake however is that Spacecraft doesn’t just stop with content, consumers will have the opportunity to end their trip with a series of souvenirs, “Artifacts” to remember each trip.

“It’s something that we’ve been doing for years as a brand,” says Co-Founder Stefan Hofmann.  “Now we have a platform that will allow us to share these experiences with others and not only hopefully inspire our customers, but help them get a greater sense for who we are.   We are dedicated to cultivating a collective conscious built on art using many mediums to convey our message of exploration, intelligence, and creativity, and our goal is to insight change through this conscious communication.”

The “Wayward Collection” is the first to debut of the Artifact trips.  Spacecraft Astronaut & Owner of Electric Coffin, Duffy, heads down the West Coast from Seattle and makes his way to San Diego on his Harley.  He spends the first part of the trip dodging rain, seeking shelter, meeting up with friends, and discovering that the road really dictates the adventure.  As with all Artifact trips, Duffy’s will be accompanied by a series of unique products that we will unveil early December at a special event at The Piranha Shop.  Until then, follow along for the next 2 episodes of Spacecraft’s “Wayward” series.  Visit for more on the project!

Our artists and product designers are not confined by any one particular look but rather charged with a mission to experience life, occasionally wander down the wrong path and continually seek ways to shock the mind out of its existing way of thinking. To learn more about Spacecraft’s art, artists and product lines, please visit
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